Welcome Aboard!


So you want to be a writer?

So, you have a book in you somewhere? Everyone’s always saying you should write down the stuff that happens to you, and turn it into a novel, a batch of poems, or a memoir about your life. *Sigh* Well, what’s stopping you?

You’ve got time. You’ve got a room of your own. You’ve got a computer, or a pen and paper, but somehow you are falling short of your goals.

This is what everybody goes through who wants to be a writer.

Sometimes we’d rather do anything than sit down in our seats and get cracking and this is where the fear can set in—fear that our work isn’t good enough, that nobody will ever read it, the overwhelming desire to quit before we even start.

We have all been there.

As an artist or writer anywhere, you need community to survive.

Just like people can’t effectively learn martial arts from a book, writing is a skill that needs to be coached to bring out the best in you. You need a training ground to perfect and hone your skills.

You need a guide who is farther down the road than you have been so far; someone who faces down their own inner critic every day and still produces new work.

You can’t go it alone.

Enter San Francisco Creative Writing Institute. We are an eclectic group of teachers who have been hand picked to provide excellent instruction in storytelling, poetry, fiction, memoir, blogging, and more. We’re based out of the Wework building in the Mid-Market Area in San Francisco,  two blocks from Powell Street BART Station.


So, why SF Creative Writing Institute?

All of our instructors are vetted, have taught at the college or graduate level, have advanced degrees in their field of study and/or equivalent professional expertise. In addition to being published writers, and working editors, we are down-to-earth, approachable and have teaching skills so we can reach you where you are at and help you get where you want to go.

So, what will I get ?

We will level with you. We will tell you if you are going in the right direction, and when you’ve veered a bit, show you how to get back on the path. We will guide you step by step with specific techniques and tools.

Why not hide out and read books about writing?

All of our classes are in person.  In taking our classes, you’ll plug into an existing vibrant community of people from all walks of life.  You will find an audience and a community.

We are proud to be part of the Bay Area’s thriving literary scene. In addition to honing your writing, editing skills, you will be invited to the many readings and events run by our Institute and our instructors throughout the Bay Area, which means more opportunities for networking and putting yourself out there and meeting with other writers. And, you’ll have fun along the way. Lucky you.

What if I’m just a beginner? What if I’m too advanced?

We have worked with students of all levels from absolute beginners, to people with BAs and MFAs in Creative Writing, to professional authors with published books under their belt.

We are creative writing classes, handcrafted, curated and tailored specifically to you.  Let us meet you where you’re at.  Let us be your coaches in the creative process.   Let us be your sounding board before you put new work out into the world.  We know how hard it is to stay creative while in the grind of life.

We’ve got a lot more in store for you in the days and weeks ahead.

////////Welcome aboard!//////////

Upcoming Schedule of Classes:

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Dramatists’ Workout: Scene Building


Instructor: Sarah Tuft

Behind every winning touchdown, every gold medal and every record-breaking score is a lifetime of rigorous exercise and an unyielding commitment to train. Great writing is earned the same way. By building the muscles of our craft, we strengthen our understanding of story and dramatic storytelling becomes second nature. So when procrastination, inertia, and lack of inspiration are getting the best of you, it’s time to drag yourself to “the gym.”

Dramatists’ Workout is designed to whip your writing habit into shape.

////Saturday & Sunday////
Nov 12-Nov 13, 2016 * 1:00-5:30pm
*San Francisco*

Fundamentals of Editing & Advanced Prose Workshop


Learn the principles of strong narrative storytelling and implement them into your own fiction or nonfiction.

Take this class if you have already found the project you want to work on and need the structure of a workshop to see you through. This workshop will assist you in rendering fully fleshed out narratives with believable characters your readers will care about. We cover the fundamentals of advanced prose, giving you a customized editing toolkit you can use and apply to your own story wherever it takes you.

Fundamentals of Editing & Advanced Prose Workshop


11am-2pm * 7 weeks

Oct 8-Nov 19, 2016

The Jack Grapes METHOD WRITING Program


Find Your Voice

Instructor: Alexandra Kostoulas

We want to connect with the world. We want to share the life that is inside us. We want to write poetry and prose that speaks the truth and moves the reader. But where do we start?

There’s a voice within all of us wanting to find its place in the world.

Section #1:
Sept 22-Nov 17, 2016 * 6:00-9:00pm
*San Francisco*

Section #2
Sept 27-Nov 22, 2016 * 6:00-9:00pm
*San Francisco*

Poetry Workshop


Find Inspiration, Play, Experiment, Craft

Instructor: Hollie Hardy

In this workshop you will find inspiration, play, experiment with new forms and generative exercises, explore the craft of poetry, create and edit new work, and share and receive feedback, support, and encouragement.

Sept 25-Nov 13, 2016 * 2:00-5:00pm
*San Francisco*

Fabulist Fiction


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mysteries, Young Adult, Magical Realism, & More.

Instructor: Nick Mamatas

Exciting plots and larger-than-life characters are the cornerstones of popular fiction and the emphasis of this course. In this course, we’ll workshop your short stories and novel chapters, explore the history of the genres, perform writing and idea-generating exercises, and discuss the magazines and publishers looking for your sort of fiction.

Aug 13-Oct 1, 2016 * 2:00-5:00pm
*San Francisco*

2016 Readings

SF Creative Writing Institute hosts THREE fabulous free reading series in the Bay Area:

Write from the Gut! –We host this event quarterly featuring works-in-progress from our stable of talented writers including students, alumni, and special guests. We pop up in various locations around SF.

At the Inkwell –We co-host this series monthly as part of the San Francisco branch of a national series. At the Inkwell started in New York, and has spread to San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. At the Inkwell San Francisco events take place at Alley Cat Bookstore in the Mission. You can read more about At the Inkwell here.

Central Market Now-We are co-producing a new monthly reading series with SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts. Each month we will invite a new featured curator who will from established and emerging reading series in the Bay Area who will invite a diverse group of writers, storytellers and poets to share their work. New this year, we will also offer accompanying classes in Creative Writing called the City Stories Workshop.

Click on the picture to find out more. Come check them out and meet our writers, alumni, students and friends!