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Make this the year you finally write! Dust off that manuscript that has been sitting in a drawer, get a fresh new notebook, turn on some music, find yourself a little inspiration and begin. 


Joining the San Francisco Creative Writing Institute means more than just taking a class — it’s your invitation to our vibrant community of students and alumni who continue an open exchange of ideas. Join us and join our community.

Our Upcoming Workshops

May 2022
Monday May 16
Monday May 23
June 2022
Friday June 3
Monday June 13
Thursday June 16
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Generative Poetry Class
July 2022
Wednesday July 6
10:30 am - 1:00 pm Method Writing
August 2022
Thursday August 11
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Poetry Revision Workshop
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Who We Are...

We’re an independent creative writing institute based out of San Francisco. Founded in 2015, we offer writing workshops in several genres to writers of all experience levels from all walks of life. We encourage people to share their work and connect with peers and mentors. Our instructors are published working writers, professors, editors and master teachers.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

As beginners and seasoned pros, we both face the blank page. It’s how we approach it that separates us. Some have said that writing is based on talent and that it can’t be taught. We disagree. Yes, anyone can write, but talent still needs cultivation. What makes us different is that we guarantee three things on your writing journey: personalized edits and feedback, a forum to perform in front of a live audience and an opportunity to publish your work with us.
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Our Teachers

Nick Mamatas

Award-winning Author of 100 short stories, 10 novels, dozens of essays and articles & an editor from Viz Media.

Hollie Hardy​

San Francisco State University Poetry Center Book Award Winner. English Professor at Berkeley City College.

Tongo Eisen-Martin

Winner Of The American Book Award, California Book Award. Poet-in-Residence At Cambridge University

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