Writers Beyond Robots: Sci-Fi, Visual Storytelling and Virtual Reality

This five-week workshop will look at the legacy of Sci-Fi and myth-building that promote agency over automation. As we study the craft involved in creating thoughtful text for new media forms, including virtual reality (VR), we’ll use visceral language as a model for designing new narratives. This course leads you through the creation of your own short story, poetry collection, or virtual reality script by the end of the class. Students will read and respond to a selection of short stories, poems, VR storyboards and visual stories each week, and will develop an original piece of their own by the fifth week, to share for critique in a friendly, supportive environment. This class prepares writers exploring new media with skills that let us see where our creative voice can help shape emerging technology, leading with our imagination and insights as creative writers no robot can replicate.   

– Week 1: Intro: Sci-Fi Legacy Survey, Hero’s Journey & Myths
– Week 2: UX Design & Empathy Engines
– Week 3: Poetic Language & Visual Storytelling
– Week 4: Immersive Story Design: Visceral Cues, Identity & Agency
– Week 5: Writing for Virtual Reality: World-building

* Last class date is after a 2-week gap because of July 4th holiday