Writers Beyond Robots: Classic Sci-Fi Meets Modern Tech

Writers Beyond Robots: Writing in the Age of AI and Virtual Reality

What defines meaningful human communication in an age of AI? Is it agency over automation, empathy over disconnection? Now, we have artificial intelligence prompting people how to write to reach certain audiences. AI can compose poetry and art, make music, and paint pictures. With all this in mind, there’s still no substitute for the ingenuity and wit of a human writer, and for the craft involved in creating thoughtful text for new media forms, including virtual reality.

What defines us is what sets us apart from the machines – even as we build them?  It’s these traits that will become increasingly important for writers as we embrace new technologies and ways of approaching everything from problem-solving to creative expression.

This workshop looks back at the legacy of sci-fi classics that anticipate the dawn of this age of “Robot-Meets-Human,” and focuses on ways to approach the future of creative writing in new media. In the Age of AI, what makes us human becomes all the more essential, critical to our communication, creativity and true consequence.

We’ll blend in new immersive media story design and mindfulness in this hyper-real session that steps through the looking glass into wonderlands and dreamscapes. The discussions and inclusion of classic texts in the sci-fi genre animate engaging writing sessions, and many new forms of written media are incorporated into this course.

– Week 1: Survey of Sci-Fi Legacy
– Week 2: UX Design & Empathy Engines
– Week 3: Digital Media & Visual Storytelling
– Week 4: Immersive Story Design: Visceral Cues, Identity & Agency
– Week 5: Writing for VR & AR

April 13-May 11 | Mondays | 6-8:00pm PDT (GMT -7) | Online