Drop-In Poetry Workshop

Oakland Drop-In Poetry Workshop 2020 Winter:Spring


Drop-In Poetry Workshop

We’re bringing our show on the road.  Drop-In Poetry Workshop will open up in our Oakland space at Wework Downtown.  Pop in for a brief tune-up to work on your poetry skills.  Take one class, or all three in a sequence. Get your feet wet for our longer courses. Take this class if you have a busy schedule and can’t commit to a full workshop yet, but want to get in the poetic groove.

Taught by local luminaries in the poetry scene. We pull in different people each time. This first sequence is run by Paul Corman-Roberts.

About Paul Corman-Roberts:

Paul Corman-Roberts is a core-founder of the Beast Crawl Literary Festival in Oakland CA. A local literary organizer, his most recent collection of poems is entitled We Shoot Typewriters from Nomadic Press (2015.) Previous titles include Notes From an Orgy (Paper Press, 2014) 19th Street Station (Full of Crow, 2011) and Coming WorldGone World (Howling Dog, 2006.)  His work has appeared in subTerrain, The Rumpus, 42Opus, Poetry Super Highway, Big Bridge, Red Fez, Sparkle and Blink, Rusty Truck, The Cape Fear Review and Full of Crow. He edits fiction for Full of Crow Press. In previous incarnations he has worked as a Chief Union Steward, an airman in the USAF, a telemarketer, general rabble-rouser and current drummer for the Blowdryer Punk/Soul East Bay Band.

Drop-In Poetry Workshop

Instructor: Paul Corman-Roberts

February 13, 2020

Wework Downtown
1111 Broadway 3rd Floor, Oakland
(near 12th St BART)
Cost: $30


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