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Find Your Creative Spark

Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, achieve flow, and gain the right tools to finally create your life's work.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you’re sick of

feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of your creative project.

… you’re sick of

feeling like you didn’t meet your writing goals for another year in a row. 

… you’re sick of

feeling imposter syndrome and fear of the blank page even though deep down you know this is normal for a writer.

Introducing Finding Your Creative Spark Bootcamp

A 3-Day Bootcamp for Writers designed to meet you where you're at and bring you to the next level.

Whether you write novels, blog posts, stories, plays, or poems, this 3-day workshop will take your self-doubt, inertia, fears, and change them into confidence and a never-ending flow of ideas.

Get expert guidance to rekindle your creative spark and write your best work in 2022.

it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine how it would feel to...

Learn how to deal with imposter syndrome in a creative context and set your mind up for a truly creative year

Achieve success because you have honed a laser like focus on your craft

Learn how to use goal setting and forecasting as a creative person to plan ahead and plot out your entire project over the course of the year.


You deserve to achieve every writing goal you dare to write down and I'm going to help you get there.


Find Your Creative Spark

Whether you write novels, blog posts, stories, plays, or poems, this 3-day live online workshop will take your self-doubt, inertia, fears, and change them into confidence and a never-ending flow of ideas.

Get expert guidance to rekindle your creative spark and write your best work in 2022.

read up.

See what people are saying

From her writing expertise and global literary knowledge, Alexandra knows how to prompt the writer forward from seed of an idea to completion. I have learned to write longer narratives that have become starting points for memoir, flash fiction and now a novel. Working with her gave me the confidence to read my work in public and send it out.

Yvonne Campbell

Through SF Creative Writing Institute, Alexandra has successfully woven a community for writers to connect, grow, and nourish one another as artists, both seasoned and new to their craft. As a forever writer forever growing as a poet and educator, I owe my own creative transformation to her program.

K.R. Morrison

Alexandra’s workshop equipped me with the skill of going deep in my writing. It’s something I turn to again and again—going deep, getting to the emotional core of a character—and it’s paying off so much.

Tracey Lien

I really enjoyed Alexandra’s class; it felt like a rite of passage and a trial by fire–but in a fun and encouraging way.


About the Instructor

Alexandra Kostoulas is an award-winning writer of poetry, fiction and journalism and the founder & executive director of the San Francisco Creative Writing Institute.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and English from Mills College and a BA in Literature & Creative Writing from the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. She has over a decade of experience teaching English and Writing at the college level.  She writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

Alexandra has taught thousands of students from all walks of life in her career and has coached many aspiring writers to publication and performance of their work. 

Her students have gone on to run literary organizations, become professors, publish their work in peer-reviewed journals, land prestigious book deals and break barriers in their writing and their lives.


Ready to change your writing and life?

let's dig into the details

Course syllabus


Mindset- Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Obliterating Fear

We’ll expose imposter syndrome as writers, break down where the term came from and I’ll show you a simple but effective technique for thwarting it when it rears its ugly head in your own creative process.


Practice - Writing Prompts to Get You Unstuck

We’ll create new work from several writing prompts that help you get at the core of what you want to say and talk about the dynamics of storytelling in the pieces you just wrote and how to write ideas on the page.


Creating - Crafting a Narrative

We’ll go over some universal principles of good storytelling together as they apply to the structure of a narrative in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or dramatic writing. You’ll ideate and begin to draft a new piece or a new part of an old piece you want to finish in class with these principles as a guide, leaving the session with promising new work


Deadlines - Submit Work For Class Feedback & Support

You’ll share your new work with the group and accountability partners, receive peer and instructor feedback and an individualized strategy session how to move forward with your work.


Applying - Instructor Feedback & Critique

We’ll go over the work that we liked and provide a sounding board for the artist to pitch new ideas and try out new pieces of writing on our ears.


Envisioning - Goal setting & (Gently) holding yourself accountable

We’ll use techniques like scripting, goal setting, forecasting, recasting to plot your writing goals on a timeline for the rest of the week, month and year. Together we will derive strategies to hold ourselves accountable and produce a metric for what success looks like for ourselves in each of our unique projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a course?

All of our sessions will be recorded. You can still participate and connect with your accountability partner and submit work for feedback to the instructor.


What is the course schedule?

The course meets for one week on the second week of January on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

January 10, January 12 & January 14

11 am-1pm PST | 7-9 pm GMT

I work full-time. What is the expected time commitment?

Time commitment is a bit intense for the week. 6 hours in class. 2-4 hours outside of class. You can do it though!

What’s the refund policy?

You may request a refund up to 24 hours before the course starts via email.

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