Lyric Poetry: The Poetry of Healing

The poetic voice is a wise and a wily one. It comes through us and to us From the universe, the world around us, and the ineffable moments of our life, both good and bad. Poems lament in dark times and sing in joyful ones. It is our duty as poets to catch the poetry when it drops and deliver it on the page, making meaning out of our lives, stitching together moments and weaving them into art.

In this 4-week workshop, we will study lyric poems throughout history and we will create poems of our own the speak to the present moment. Together we will write, present and workshop poems that cherish our triumphs and soothe our sorrows. Especially in these dark times coming in and out of lockdowns, and the coronavirus, where we are doing battle on multiple fronts, this workshop will hold open the creative space for you to say the words that you need to and take heart and solace in the words of your classmates, striking a chord of the collective voices of the moment.


September 01, 2021 - September 22, 2021


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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Alexandra Kostoulas


Alexandra Kostoulas

Alexandra Kostoulas has an MFA in Creative Writing and English from Mills College and a BA in Literature & Creative Writing from the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. She runs the Jack Grapes METHOD WRITING Program in San Francisco. She has over a decade of experience teaching English and Writing at the college level. She has been been nominated for awards in fiction, poetry, and journalism and has won a few. She has published short stories, a few journalistic pieces, and a lot of individual poems across a wide array of literary journals and other media. She has performed her work on stage at readings both locally and nationally. She is currently at work on finishing up her novel, Persephone Stolen.