Drop-In Poetry Workshop #1 : Count Your Blessings

We are going through a phase of uncertainty and rapid change, surrounded by chaos and a flood of emotions. It’s been hard for me to tell one day from another, one feeling from its opposite. Journaling everyday has been my constant companion and I’d love to start up a writing hour with you. In this workshop we’ll get some of that emotional energy into words. We’ll read relevant works by other writers/poets and talk about the big and small blessings we miss to see. There will be writing prompts, time to scribe, share and build a space for ourselves we can keep returning to on our own.

The SF Creative Writing Institute’s monthly Drop-in Poetry Workshops are one-off, three-hour workshops taught by a variety of talented instructors with different styles and themes. Poets of all levels are invited to join us for inspiration, lessons & techniques, generative prompts, sharing and feedback. 

Drop-ins are a great way to get a sense of different instructors’ styles before committing to a longer workshop, or for some spontaneous support and encouragement. Whether you’re new to poetry or a published poet, our drop-in workshops are a great way to connect with a thriving writing community online. 





January 05, 2021


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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Preeti Vangani


Preeti Vangani

Preeti Vangani is an Indian poet & essayist. Her work has been published in BOAAT, Buzzfeed, Noble/Gas Qtrly, Threepenny Review and elsewhere. She is the winner of the RL Poetry Award 2017 and her debut book of poems titled Mother Tongue Apologize was published by RLFPA Editions in February 2019. She owes her MFA to the University of San Francisco.