Constructing the Short Story

This four-week workshop will lead you through the construction of a short story, from conception to revision, with the goal of having a potentially publishable piece to submit to literary journals or genre fiction magazines by the end of the class. Students will read two short stories per week, develop a story of their own through exercises and drafting, critique one another’s first draft, and then submit a revised piece at the beginning of the fourth week. Course starts on a Monday but students can log in any time throughout the week to complete assignments and give and receive feedback.



March 01, 2021 - March 27, 2021


12:00 pm - 12:00 am




Nick Mamatas


Nick Mamatas

Nick Mamatas is the author of seven novels, over one hundred short stories, and dozens of essays and articles. His books include the novels I Am Providence and Hexen Sabbath, the short fiction collections The Nickronomicon and The Spook School, and the how-to guide for writing short fiction and non-fiction, Starve Better. Nick’s short fiction has appeared in Best American Mystery Stories, Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, New Haven Review, and many other anthologies and journals. He has written about writing for The Writer, Fine Books & Collections, and Wonderbook. His anthologies include the award-winning Haunted Legends (co-edited with Ellen Datlow) and The Future Is Japanese (co-edited with Masumi Washington), and the hybrid cocktail recipe/flash fiction title Mixed Up (co-edited with Molly Tanzer).