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March 2021

21st Century Poetics & Social Media

This six-week workshop offers a brief history and introduction to the intersection of new media and poetry. We will read and write poetry that crosses boundaries and engages modern technology and media tools to make poetry more accessible and appeal to a broader audience. Students will study the work of a new generation of tech-savvy young writers, who are transforming poetry by combining graphics, video, podcasting and other social media with traditional creative processes. Through innovative prompts and resources, students will learn to create their own unique platforms to diversify and modernize their poetry and reach surprising new audiences and markets. ...
21 Mar - 25 Apr
10:30 am - 1:30 pm
April 2021

April Manuscript Intensive Program

Send your book out without the uncertainty, wondering or self-doubt. Instead, work with one of our editors to get your manuscript in shape. In this month-long one-on-one intensive, an experienced published author will closely read your entire book and mentor you, giving focused editorial feedback on the first 25 pages and an editorial letter to guide revision of the rest. There will be significant opportunity for extended correspondence with your mentor, who will provide specific suggestions for revision and offer general advice on the current state of publishing, and next steps for you to take in your publishing journey. Work with us before sending out your manuscript to help your book really shine! ...
05 Apr - 02 May
All Day

Telling Your Story

It takes courage to write the story you really want to write. But how do we find those stories within us? TELLING YOUR STORY is designed to help you find and understand your themes that are driving you to write in the first place: all while learning the basics of storytelling in a positive and helpful environment that focuses on discovering your strengths. TELLING YOUR STORY is an ideal beginner class for those interested in fiction and non-fiction who want to know themselves so they can write stories like no one else. ...
22 Apr - 13 May
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
May 2021

Novel Writing Workshop

Writing a novel can seem overwhelming, in the same way any big commitment can seem overwhelming. But armed with the right tools and mindset, any writer can write a novel. In this four-week workshop, writers will come to see novel-writing as literary architecture. You’ll learn step-by-step how to plan, plot and build a big story that is structurally sound, emotionally true, and populated with compelling characters. ...
06 May - 27 May
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Writing the Personal Essay

What parts of your life should you transform into a personal essay? What makes a good personal essay? How does one write a personal essay and transform it into something more universal, relatable to others? How can I reach people with my experiences and perspectives? A personal essay is a work of creative nonfiction: a perfect marriage of distance and intimacy, the melding of both conversational tone and professional. This 4-week workshop will help you hone in on these balancing acts and by the end of the class, you should have a finished personal essay ready for publication. You’ll learn how to zero in on what parts of your life would make for an effective personal essay. You’ll become equipped with the tools to structure a compelling and strong personal essay. You’ll also become equipped with courage and learn how to pitch your essay to editors so it can find a home and reach and move others. ...
12 May - 02 Jun
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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